Favorite Writings

Below is a selection of Alex’s favorite writings:

Surrey Leader – Teach youth the skills to succeed

Huffington Post – Do you really know your own neighbourhood?

Surrey 604 – Top Ten Wish List for 2016

Georgia Straight – Proposal for Justin Trudeau:  A new national social inclusion and social mobility charter for Canada is needed

Huffington Post – A vision to create the Royal Canadian Principality of Surrey

Darpan Magazine – Five reasons why affordable housing must be a priority for Vancouver

Georgia Straight – Top 15 South Asian Role Models for 2015

Georgia Straight – The end of poverty and the beginning of happiness

Georgia Straight – Stop the Surrey bashing already

The Province – Vancouver Desi – Five-step plan to curb domestic violence in the South Asian community

Vancouver Sun – Toll all metro bridges or none of them

Surrey Now – More green space, please

Huffington Post – Five ways to enhance local government and democracy in Surrey

Huffington Post – My top ten dream wish list for Surrey

Huffington Post – How to keep big money out of BC municipal elections

Huffington Post – Let’s shake up civic elections, starting with Surrey

Huffington Post – My ten favorite things about living in Downtown Surrey

Georgia Straight – Ten reasons to protest, not riot, in Vancouver

Georgia Straight – For decades, welfare rates have been too low in BC

Vancouver Observer – Job creation ideas for Prime Minister Harper and Premier Clark

Vancouver Observer – Message to Stephen Harper:  Ten step job creation plan

Vancouver Observer – Message to Stephen Harper:  Here are ten ways to wipe out the debt and deficit

Surrey Leader – Protect diversity

Surrey Leader – Criminals should pay:  Literally

Huffington Post – A simple proposal to create a powerful Senate for Canada

Huffington Post – Can Surrey learn from a British system of local government

Huffington Post – How to fix Canada’s welfare system and create jobs

Surrey Leader – BC needs poverty elimination plan

Vancouver Observer – Discussions about God:  Free will or fate and destiny?

Vancouver Observer – Spirituality:  Is there an afterlife?

Vancouver Observer – Top 15 South Asian Role Models for 2011

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