Book Review of Catalyst by Linda Gewis

Dear Alex,

Thank you for sending me your amazing book “Catalyst.”  It raises so many important issues in our daily lives that all politicians should read your book to learn what touches people’s lives and what matters to them most.

Even though not everyone might agree with your propositions at least they will agree that there are very important issues which you have raised and that in order for the politicians to truly be in touch with the ordinary citizens in this country they should read your book. In fact, I think it is an academic “Must Read.”

You have made reading this book easy and enjoyable to read. Not only have you made the chapters very short and easy to read, you have injected it with great humor through those great quotes of famous people worked at the beginning of each chapter.

Thank you for being so considerate of your readers by injecting the humorous quotes. This is another reason why this book ought to be on a best seller list, especially for politicians: they can always use your quotes if they are short of humor that day. Finding the correct quote which is also funny for the serious matters raised in your book was no easy task.

So thank you for going this extra mile.

Linda Gewis is a photographer in Vancouver, B.C.