Ted Talk Style Sit Down Interview

A representative from your organization will be on stage interviewing Alex who will be seated.  You can also show clips or official trailers from Alex’s documentaries.

Screening and Stand-Up Discussion

A screening of Alex’s documentaries, My Name Was January (26 minutes), or Emergence: Out of the Shadows (81 minutes), plus 30 to 60 minutes for discussion.

Alex is open to being interviewed on:

Living as a Creative Humanitarian

His journey living with mental health challenges and being blessed with bipolar and embracing his condition as a “creative humanitarian.”

Growing Up Gay, and Brown

His journey living as an opening gay South Asian male and the challenges he faced growing up in the Punjabi Sikh community.

Social Activism, Social Advocacy, and Social Work

His activism, advocacy, and social work journey including as the founder of Sher Vancouver which is a registered charity for LGBTQ+ South Asians and friends.

Social Justice Documentary Filmmaking

His passion to create social justice documentaries that share the life stories and lived experiences of marginalized and vulnerable people including his role as a producer with Sher Films which is a non-profit and charitable film company.

Let’s Connect