What People Say About Alex

The following are endorsements I received from various people throughout my life:


“I have had the opportunity to work with Alex as a psychiatrist on a mental health team for a local health authority.  Alex is a very intelligent individual who easily builds rapport with people.  He has excellent social skills and has extensive knowledge of the socio-economic problems facing our city – in part due to his background in social work, public administration, and public policy.  He is able to work under pressure well, dealing with complex issues, and proposing solutions to problems.  He involves others and collaborates well as part of his natural leadership style.  I see great potential in Alex and would like to see his skills and positive attitude utilized for the common benefit.”

Dr. Lucjan J. Zielonka, MD, FRCP, Team Psychiatrist (September 2017)


“I had the pleasure of having Alex Sangha as my Master of Social Work practicum supervisor, and later work colleague.  His passion, activism and enthusiasm for the community were truly inspirational throughout my practicum experience. Alex’s positive energy and attitude exuberated throughout his entire role as a practicum supervisor. He not only taught me the skills and knowledge to further my career, but also instilled in me a strong sense of being able to be a catalyst for change.”

Jennifer Ruth Mann, Registered Social Worker, (September 13, 2017)


“I have observed your clinical work, social development projects and involvement in  local City of Surrey politics for the past 22 years.  Through your positions as a Registered Social Worker working predominantly in mental health services in Surrey, you have connected with citizens who have the most difficulty getting access to services and support. Your compassion and dedication to your field is exceptional.  As a resident of Surrey myself for over 40 years, I value your dedication to improving quality of life for our residents and your ideas with respect to tackling key issues for our City including crime, education, homelessness and housing . . . You are a kind, thoughtful proactive leader who is truly dedicated to improving the quality of life for all Surrey residents.  You have many ideas, a positive energy and a strong caring approach to working closely and proactively with other leaders to bring about effective change.”

Leanne De Romeri, City of Surrey Resident (September 11, 2017)


“Alex Sangha has worked to develop Sher Vancouver since its founding in 2008.  He is an organized, logical, compassionate, and caring individual.  He stands up for the alienated, marginalized, and oppressed in our city.  He is open minded and non-judgemental.  He works well independently and is a team player.  He listens to all viewpoints critically and makes informed balanced decisions. ”

Ash Brar, President of the Sher Vancouver Friends Society (August 2017)


“It’s wonderful that your hard work and dedication is being recognized through the Foundation and I’m pleased to add my voice of thanks for your tremendous efforts advocating for equality and human rights.  It is particularly good news when a constituent of my riding wins such a prestigious award.”

Congratulatory Letter from Bruce Ralston, MLA for Surrey-Whalley on Alex being a recipient of the BC Community Achievement Award (July 18, 2016)


“Alex Sangha has an impressively broad range of knowledge on issues that affect the world, and challenges problems that most people have come to accept.  Sangha doesn’t just point out the troubles in this world, but thinks of bold solutions for them.”

Endorsement of Book “Catalyst” by Jenny Uechi, Managing Editor, Vancouver Observer (May 2013)


“Alex writes clearly, concisely and with a non-judgmental view point. Alex is clearly a world citizen who disseminates on a wide variety of issues with amazing clarity. His refreshing views on a wide range of subjects are written with elegance and a light touch that does not cloud the issues.”

Endorsement of Book “Catalyst” by Veeno Dewan, Former Editor, Voice Newspaper (May 2013)


“I have always been impressed with Alex’s positive attitude and his courage and activism. All this has earned him the respect of the community.”

Jinny Sims, MP for Newton-North Delta quoted in Daily Xtra on Alex being a recipient of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal (February 24, 2013)


“Alex was quick to learn the British system of local government and was keen to study the way Councillors related both to the electors they represented in their own wards and to the political group of which they were members.  With his capacity for hard work and his innovative ideas, I am sure that Alex should have a bright future in Local Government and/or politics in British Columbia.”

Letter of Reference from Councillor The Lady Murray of Gravesend, J.P., Mayor of Gravesham, England (August 4, 1995)


“Alex has a positive attitude towards his work, supervisor, and the Ministry.  He is open to supervision and feedback.  Alex is friendly and courteous with his colleagues and the public.”

Letter of Reference from Sandie Benevides, Acting Team Leader with the Ministry of Children and Family Development  (January 3, 2012)


“Alex was chosen from over 80 applicants to be one of 15 Grade 11 high school students to represent British Columbia on a United Nations Association development and environment tour to Zimbabwe and Kenya . . . Alex was an asset to the group.  He was an excellent communicator, a team player and remained good natured and calm even during stressful situations.  Alex was always willing to take on responsibilities and assist others in the group.”

Letter of Reference from Liz Bannister, Executive Director of Save the Children Fund of British Columbia (January 1993)


“Alex’s great strength is his enthusiasm.  He approaches life–and work–with curiosity, intelligence, sensitivity, discrimination, and a good sense of priorities.  He is open to new ideas, yet has the ability to stick to a task and follow through.  Alex thinks critically, but is also able to accept criticism of his own ideas with thoughtful rebuttle.”

Letter of Reference from Sue Hammell, MLA for Surrey-Green Timbers (April 24, 1992)