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  1. Hi Alex,
    My name is Laurel Sharp. I live in Yuba City, CA. I’m sure that you have heard of us. We have the largest population of Sikh’s than any place in the US. I am a Ph.D. graduate student in the field of Psychology. I am interested in doing my Dissertation around the topic of what thoughts and feelings 1st generation Punjabi women have experienced since their immigration to the US, how they are doing now, and what can the community do to help them transition to the US. The Punjabi’s generally do not access the county mental health facility. I do not even know if these women will talk to me. Research indicates that immigration is very stressful and it is common for immigrants to experience grief, anxiety, depression and many other mental health issues. I have been unable to find any research that has been done on Punjabi mental health or the effects of immigration on Punjabi mental health.
    I am writing to you for help and support while I am trying to research and provide information about the Punjabi people and psychological issues. Will you help me? Any research or approach suggestions would be very helpful.

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