Alex Sangha has published the following book through AuthorHouse which is a Penguin Company.

Catalyst – A Collection of Commentaries to Get Us Talking (2013)

(3) IBA 2014 Fiinalist Website JPG[1]

Catalyst was a Finalist in the Current Events and Social Change category of the Next Generation Indie Book Awards for 2014. 

Catalyst is a collection of 40 short one to three page columns divided into three sections – Our World, Our Country, and Our Life.  The columns talk about topical economic, social, environmental, political, and spiritual issues.

Catalyst is available worldwide for purchase through Amazon.



One thought on “Catalyst

  1. Hi Amar,

    Its your cousin Sharan. So proud of you. You have done such a great job at getting the dialogue moving for all of those who don’t have the courage to do so. Honestly, I wish we had been closer growing up so this wouldn’t come across so crass and out of nowhere. Congrats again on everything!

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